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1 Almost certainly not Goodworth

This comes from REP01 Ancestry London and Surrey, England, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921

I think the surname is actually more like Hoydon, and his spouse is not Massone but Matthews. 
Goodworth, Hannie (I900001)
2 Cannot be sure this John is actually the child of John Godworth and Ann Sharpe, but it seems very likely - there do not seem to be any other Hatfield Goodworths at this time. Goodworth, John (I20)
3 I use "Ancestry" as the repository for everything I have found on Ancestry and not verified with the actual source, regardless of the actual source Repository (REPO1)
4 No evidence that *this* John Goodworth is the one that married Ann Sharpe. However, the dates are favourable. Family F7
5 Or perhaps "Layne" and Agnes was his sister? Lyone, Thomas (I9)
6 Or perhaps "Lyon", as there is another Goodworth-"Lyon" marriage not far away, and perhaps they are two brother/sister pairs. Layne, Agnes (I6)
7 Purely an assumption that this William is the son of this Thomas and Agnes Layne. Goodworth, William (I10)
8 Purely an assumtion that this Thomas Goodworthe is the son of this Thomas Goodworthe and Margret Goodworth, Thomas (I5)